Ep. 1.10 - What’s Inspiring You? And the story of Making We All Do Better (feat. lots of people)

August 17, 2017

It's the finale of Season One! We did it, everyone. Thank you for being amazing listeners and for joining us for this ride. And now, the (can we call it grand?) finale!

Part 1 - Bill Manny, Engagement Editor of Idaho Statesman, interviews Jimmy and Wyatt on why they created We All Do Better and how nonprofit professionals can support each other.

Part 2 - Interviewees from Season 1 check back in and answer the questions: what has happened with your company since we last talked and what is inspiring you right now?

Part 3 - Jimmy and Wyatt reflect on the lessons they learned from these interviews and how it's impacting their companies. And share what's in store for Season Two. 


Ep. 1.09 - “If You Don’t Have a Compelling Story, People Tune it Out.” (feat. Bill Manny of Idaho Statesman)

July 26, 2017

"They appreciate that authentic conversation. There's a hunger for that kind of conversation." What does it look like if we take the shouting and the elbowing out of the dialogue and actually listen to each other? What would the news look like then? Bill Manny, the Engagement Editor of the Idaho Statesman, is trying to figure that out. He's sick of the lack of civility. Jimmy and I changed up the format: the three of us sat down for a deep conversation on storytelling and how the nonprofit sector interacts with the media. 

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What stories do you have to tell? Have you lived in that tension that Bill describes, trying to push your social justice solutions but only get covered on the sensational? Tell us about it on Facebook at We All Do Better.




Ep. 1.08 - “I Didn’t Know What I Was Going to Have for Dinner.” (feat. Grant Jones of Metro Meals on Wheels)

July 19, 2017

"She opened up the fridge and there was a hot dog. A green hot dog. We need to get you on Meals on Wheels." Every mealtime, think about opening up your fridge and not being sure what you're going to eat. That's the reality that faces Grant Jones every day as he shows to work as the Executive Director of Metro Meals on Wheels. He talks with Jimmy about serving seniors in need, how the federal budgeting impacts his sleep, and the ultimate solution to hunger.

After the interview, Jimmy and Wyatt get political. 

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Ep. 1.07 - “Unleash Your Native Humanness.” (feat. Nora Carpenter of United Way of Treasure Valley

July 12, 2017

Calling all hand raisers! Nora Carpenter of United Way of Treasure Valley breaks down why we struggle to collaborate as a social sector, but why we need to. As we've become more industrialized, we've become more specialized. That's created silos that we need to break down. Nora believes that we are smarter together than we ever will be apart. 

"The only way to succeed is to show up."

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After the interview, Jimmy admits a secret. Wyatt confesses to feely lonely. And they proposed how you should spend 20% of your time. 


Ep. 1.06 - “This School, a Radically Different Model.” (feat. Neva Geisler of One Stone)

July 5, 2017

When have you had to be fearless to instigate change? Neva Geisler of One Stone asks and is asked questions like this all the time. As the Opportunity Wrangler for One Stone, she inspires students to ask the tough questions of their community. One Stone is known for being a student-led and directed nonprofit that created the One Stone School, an education that fosters a culture of creativity for its students. It's an interesting story, a compelling thing that is constantly re-invented by the students. Jimmy and Wyatt wish they had gone to a school like this. 

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Ep. 1.05 - “It’s People Learning to Be Alive.” (feat. Ryan Peck of Boise Rock School)

June 28, 2017

"I want to live in a world where I know that kids, especially teens, are given the ability to pursue and find their passions." Ryan Peck of Boise Rock School plays many instruments and wears many hats. Whether it's launching an organization dedicated to helping kids find their creative passions through music with Boise Rock School, or finding an all ages concert hall in Boise through the Boise All-Ages Movement Project, Ryan wants to unlock the inherent creative expression of our teenagers. Oh yeah, and he teaches biology at Boise State University. 

Jimmy sits down with Ryan to talk about the role music plays in enhancing a city's culture and inspiring the heck out of our teenagers. "If the kids are all right, the future's all right." 

Also, after the interview, Jimmy and Wyatt dissect who is cooler and what a city would be without music. Check out Boise Rock School on their website here or on Facebook and on Twitter. Follow the Boise All-Ages Movement Project on Facebook.

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Ep 1.04 - “I Don’t Like the Word Privilege.” (feat. Phillip Thompson of Idaho Black History Museum)

June 21, 2017

Phillip is as Idaho as Idaho gets. We sit down to hear about the founding of the Idaho Black History Museum and its role in the community. Jimmy and I learned a lot about our role as nonprofit professionals in ending racism. There's a moment in time right now, an awakening. Phillip challenges us on how we think and talk about "privilege."  

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Episode 1.03 - Jaime Hansen (Family Advocates)

June 14, 2017

Finally, a guest that isn't also a co-host! Wyatt sits down with Jaime Hansen, Executive Director of Family Adovcates. Jaime works to strengthen families and keep kids safe. But what was it like for her on day one of her job? And why is she pushing so hard for nonprofits to collaborate and 'find your tribe'?

Stick around after the interview to hear Jimmy and Wyatt reflect about what Jaime taught them. Yes, Wyatt and Jimmy have plenty to learn about how to be an Executive Director and how to make an impact on the world.

Be sure to learn more about Family Advocates at their website (strongandsafe.org). And follow them on Facebook and on Twitter (@FamilyAdvct). 


Episode 1.02 - Wyatt Schroeder (CATCH)

June 6, 2017

We interviewed Jimmy. It's only natural that we sit down and hear from our other co-host, Wyatt Schroeder. Wyatt is the Executive Director of CATCH, Inc, whose vision is 'Every Family. Every Person. A Home.' What was it like when CATCH took a chance on a 27 year old to head an organization amid a financial crunch? Tune in to find out. 

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Episode 1.01 - Jimmy Hallyburton (Boise Bicycle Project)

June 4, 2017

In our inaugural episode, we introduce this project, built off of Senator Paul Wellstone's idea that 'we all do better when we all do better.' In this first episode, Wyatt interviews Jimmy to talk about the values and vision behind the Boise Bicycle Project. What challenges has Jimmy faced in founding a nonprofit? What will it take for Boise to be the 'Bicycle Capital of America'?

To learn more about Jimmy's work at the Boise Bicycle Project, find them at http://www.boisebicycleproject.org. They are also great people and prolific storytellers to follow on Facebook and Instagram.

Tune into Episode 2 when Jimmy's flips the table and interviews Wyatt about his work to end homelessness in Idaho.