We All Do Better

Ep. 1.10 - What’s Inspiring You? And the story of Making We All Do Better (feat. lots of people)

August 17, 2017

It's the finale of Season One! We did it, everyone. Thank you for being amazing listeners and for joining us for this ride. And now, the (can we call it grand?) finale!

Part 1 - Bill Manny, Engagement Editor of Idaho Statesman, interviews Jimmy and Wyatt on why they created We All Do Better and how nonprofit professionals can support each other.

Part 2 - Interviewees from Season 1 check back in and answer the questions: what has happened with your company since we last talked and what is inspiring you right now?

Part 3 - Jimmy and Wyatt reflect on the lessons they learned from these interviews and how it's impacting their companies. And share what's in store for Season Two. 

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