We All Do Better

Ep. 1.05 - “It’s People Learning to Be Alive.” (feat. Ryan Peck of Boise Rock School)

June 28, 2017

"I want to live in a world where I know that kids, especially teens, are given the ability to pursue and find their passions." Ryan Peck of Boise Rock School plays many instruments and wears many hats. Whether it's launching an organization dedicated to helping kids find their creative passions through music with Boise Rock School, or finding an all ages concert hall in Boise through the Boise All-Ages Movement Project, Ryan wants to unlock the inherent creative expression of our teenagers. Oh yeah, and he teaches biology at Boise State University. 

Jimmy sits down with Ryan to talk about the role music plays in enhancing a city's culture and inspiring the heck out of our teenagers. "If the kids are all right, the future's all right." 

Also, after the interview, Jimmy and Wyatt dissect who is cooler and what a city would be without music. Check out Boise Rock School on their website here or on Facebook and on Twitter. Follow the Boise All-Ages Movement Project on Facebook.

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