We All Do Better

Ep. 1.09 - “If You Don’t Have a Compelling Story, People Tune it Out.” (feat. Bill Manny of Idaho Statesman)

July 26, 2017

"They appreciate that authentic conversation. There's a hunger for that kind of conversation." What does it look like if we take the shouting and the elbowing out of the dialogue and actually listen to each other? What would the news look like then? Bill Manny, the Engagement Editor of the Idaho Statesman, is trying to figure that out. He's sick of the lack of civility. Jimmy and I changed up the format: the three of us sat down for a deep conversation on storytelling and how the nonprofit sector interacts with the media. 

Help Bill in his new role as the Engagement Editor of the Idaho Statesman. Throw him a follow on Twitter (@whmanny). Read his article where he announces how he wants to connect with you in this new role (click here for the article). 

What stories do you have to tell? Have you lived in that tension that Bill describes, trying to push your social justice solutions but only get covered on the sensational? Tell us about it on Facebook at We All Do Better.



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