We All Do Better

Episode 1.01 - Jimmy Hallyburton (Boise Bicycle Project)

June 4, 2017

In our inaugural episode, we introduce this project, built off of Senator Paul Wellstone's idea that 'we all do better when we all do better.' In this first episode, Wyatt interviews Jimmy to talk about the values and vision behind the Boise Bicycle Project. What challenges has Jimmy faced in founding a nonprofit? What will it take for Boise to be the 'Bicycle Capital of America'?

To learn more about Jimmy's work at the Boise Bicycle Project, find them at http://www.boisebicycleproject.org. They are also great people and prolific storytellers to follow on Facebook and Instagram.

Tune into Episode 2 when Jimmy's flips the table and interviews Wyatt about his work to end homelessness in Idaho. 

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